Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What does that mean?

After April 8, 2014, security updates and support from Microsoft will no longer be available for computers running Windows XP.

How do I know if I have Windows XP?

There is an easy way to tell if you have a computer that is running Windows XP, whether on a desktop, laptop, or tablet computer.

  • You can click on the Start button (left bottom corner), find "Computer", right-click on it and select properties. When the properties box comes up, you'll see what type of Windows operating system it is.

How much will it cost me to get a new version?

If you want to upgrade to a newer operating system, you will need to find out a little more about your system first. Some computers are able to upgrade to a newer version, whereas some others require you to install a new operating system. The cost of this can be as little as $199 or several hundred dollars. All of this depends on your exact configuration.

Is there anything else I can do?

There are a couple things you can do. One is to buy a new or newer computer or laptop. Computers are up to 3X less expensive than the one you have now running Windows XP. In fact, you can buy one for as low as $249 in some cases.

You could install a Linux operating system. Linux and it's many different versions are all free of charge and able for you to download and install on your Windows XP computer you have now. Although Linux is a little harder to figure out for a non-technical person, it works just fine for the user who wants to just browse the internet, go on Facebook, or email.

You can also buy an Apple computer or Chromebook. An Apple computer has a different operating system and is quite different than a Windows based computer. They are also more expensive, up to 4 times as much for a comparable Windows based machine.
A Chromebook on the other hand can be very inexpensive. I've seen them as low as $179 for a brand new laptop. The main thing you have to remember with a Chromebook is that it doesn't have a "normal" operating system, it runs on the cloud. What this means is that it doesn't have an operating system like a typical computer does, it has an "online" interface. You launch everything from a menu bar just like any other computer, but you can only do stuff online; kind of like if you have a Gmail Account and all of the services you have access to on there, like Google Docs, YouTube, Drive, etc.

Can FM-IT Direct help you with this transition?
I can definitely help you out with this! Whether your machine can be upgraded to use a newer Windows operating system, you want to install a version of Linux, or need help picking out a new computer, I can help you! And don't forget about your data and if you need it taken off of your current computer. Whether you have a backup drive you can put your data onto, or if you need one, I can set you up with it. Or if you want online storage, I am a authorized reseller of Carbonite services.